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Electronic adjustment of the operating units is achieved with linear stepper motors, managed by the machine control PLC via CAN BUS connection.

This is the best solution to ensure fast and precise positioning of units with reliability over time.


The abrasive belt electronic centering system is managed by a very reliable and precise background suppression photocell. A timed blower ensures the device maintains the best conditions of use at all times.


The cooling liquid is emitted from the special batteries of nozzles located in the in-feed and out-feed areas of every operator unit. The system is optimized to ensure proper cleaning and cooling of the processing area. This means better quality finishes and greater durability of the abrasive belts.

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Topmetal is designed to meet all deburring and sanitizing demands, including heavy-duty machining. Wet processing is ideal for customers requiring very high quality finishes such as preparation of surfaces for mechanical polishing, chrome-plating and other galvanizing processes.


Main operations

 • deburring

 • edge rounding

 • oxidation removal from work-piece sides

 • sanitizing

 • brush effect finishing

 • preparation for electroplating or mechanical polishing processes


Working units and main options

 • basic modules for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 main operating units

 • operating unit with contact roller diameter Ø250 or Ø320 mm

 • grooved steel or rubber coated contact rollers (hardness: from 20 to 85 sh)

 • reciprocating planetary unit equipped with rotary disc brushes

 • disc brushes with steel or abrasive nylon wires

 • operating unit with brush roller diameter Ø250 mm or Ø320 mm

 • brush rollers made of abrasive cloth, or equipped with steel wires or abrasive nylon filaments

 • electronic adjustment of the working position for the main operating units

 • automatic insertion in working position for the main operating units

 • workpiece cleaning and pre-drying unit

 • cooling liquid filtering and recycling unit

 • air filter for mists from cooling liquid

 • wireless electronic gauge

 • "Hydra V-Pad" or "Hydra PC" electronic control

Technical Data